Getting Started With Sneaker Servers

Hey, and welcome to my sneaker blog.

Let’s talk a little about sneaker servers.

I’m assuming you’ve started seeing more and more info about servers.

I mean, yeah. You want to get into the sneaker game. You find you can hardly cop manually so you decide you want to go for a sneaker bot.

You find loads of sneaker bots ( probably decide on AIO Bot, which is $325 ). You find that you need proxies so you don’t get banned. Those are $50-$150.

After all that, you’re still not copping, and you find that now you’ve got to also buy a server.

What’s a server?

Ok, so in simple terms, a server is basically another computer that you access through your computer.

You’re probably asking “What’s the purpose of this?”

The purpose is that servers can have internet that’s a lot faster than your computer.

For example, download speeds for servers can go up to like 1Gbps, and upload speeds can go to something close to that. Let’s say 800Mbps. Pretty much depends on the server that you buy.

If you test your internet speed, I’m guessing that you probably hae 90mbps/80mbps, or something like that. The difference is huge.

So this speed is a big factor on whether you check out the sneaker faster then others.

How do I choose a sneaker bot server?

When you buy a server, you want it to have a minimum of 4GB. You can find this is the recommended minimum in the All in One Bot documentation.

So, of course, the more GB of RAM you get, and the more CPUs you get, the more efficiently your sneaker bot will run, thus increasing your chances to cop your shoes.

As mentioned before, you’ll get a crazy fast download speed so, in the end, at the fee of $50 it will be worth it.

You’ll end up copping big releases like Yeezy’s or any other shoe that resells at a high price.

How do I setup the server?

It’s pretty easy.

When you buy the servers, they’ll give you an IP address, your username and password. On Windows you go to Start > Remote Desktop Connection and input your information.

On a Mac, you download the app from the appstore and input your info. That’s pretty much it. Here’s a vid showing you that:

If you want to be more thorough, and keep something quick with screenshots n’stuff around, for Linux, Win & Mac, go here.

Usually the servers are valid for 30 days.

There are also hourly ones, but I haven’t tried this.

I prefer the 30 day ones, since you never know when a release might drop, or a restock, and it’s good to have the server on hand.

All you have to do from there is download the bot and install it on the server and you’re ALMOST all set.

To go into more detail, and also find a great sneaker server provider, you can check out . I recommend you first read through their tutorial section.

For you to be ready to cop, you’ll next need Sneaker PROXIES…


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